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(...) Excellent tool, fast and accessible from everywhere, you can share your Calendar and Contacts with the person you wants and it is at the same time a backup of your data.(...)

(...) 5 "J" on 5 because everything works well, is easy to use and the support is great.

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With, manage online your calendar and contacts. CalendaePPCOS is an application that synchronizes your Pocket PC to your Calendae's account so you can share events with your colleagues, assistants or friends. Also backup your Pocket PC on an external doorway.

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With you can manage and share online your calendar and address book from anywhere. CalendaeSMP synchronizes the data of your SmartPhone with your Calendae's account to manage and share your calendar up to date with your colleagues, assistant, or friends. Also back-up your Smartphone data on an external doorway.

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Offers a fast and powerful interface that can be reached either via the Internet or a WAP mobile phone. The program also allows the desktop to be synchronized with a PDA.

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Handheld News : Reviews Softwares

Manage online, share and backup the Date Book and Address databases of your handheld, by synchronizing them with your Calendae's account.

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Microsoft Mobiles : News

Calendae - Synchronization with a Smartphone SPV

The CalendaeSMP application is a two-way synchronization of records between your SPV and your Calendae's account. It performs synchronizations of data between the calendar of your SPV and the calendar of your Calendae's account, and between the Contacts of your SPV and the Address Book of your Calendae's account.

(...) Synchronize : Changes that you make on your SPV or your Calendae's account are updated on both platforms.

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